The International Conference “Distance education of persons with disabilities”

27 September 2019

ORGANIZERS: Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation and American Center in Moscow


The main goal is to share best practices in distance and blended learning and research on virtual education for disabled people.
•    To study the research on disability issues including the role of helping technologies in the education and employment.
•    To analyze the US and foreign experience distance education of vulnerable groups of students including those with disabilities.
•    To study the Russian current practice of teaching people with disabilities.
•    To present distance and blended courses for persons with disabilities.
•    To develop recommendations for the public and commercial educational institutions in Russia to increase the access of disabled persons to the education. 

Presentation of the report: up to 10 September 2019
Informing on acceptance: up to 15 September 2019
Submission of reports: up to 20 September 2019


TELEPHONE +7 (985) 575-9876    

38, Shcherbakovskaya Str., Moscow, Russia
21, Novinsky Boulevard, Moscow, Russia

•    free of charge;
•    face-to-face and online
•    accommodation and travel expenses for persons not from Moscow can be paid by the organizers;
•    free lunch;
•    the best reports will be published in a Scopus-indexing journal.    

1. Text
•    Capacity: up to 4 A4 pages (it is allowed no more than 10 blank lines at the end of the last page)
•    File Format: doc or docx;
•    Fields: Rule 2 cm, left 2 cm, top 3 cm, 4 cm lower;
•    Language: English or Russian;
•    With automatic hyphenation;
•    Indentation 1.25 cm;
•    Line spacing single;
•    Times New Roman Font.    

2. Strucrture
•    Title in Russian and English languages - alignment in the middle, font size 14, bold;
•    Name, title sponsors, organization name, e-mail addresses of authors - right alignment, font size 12, bold italic;
•    Abstract. 5-7 lines in Russian and English. Width alignment, font size 12. The word "abstract", left alignment, font bold.
•    Key words in Russian and English. Centered, font size 12. The phrase "keywords", left alignment, font bold.
•    The main text: justification, font size 12.
•    Literature: left alignment, font size 12. The word "literature": bold font.